Adoption Policy

Adoption Policy
        After inquiring about adopting a Greyhound, someone from Greyhound Rescue of N. E. will talk to you about the breed.  If it seems the Greyhound is an appropriate pet for your family, you will be asked to fill out a Pre-Adoption Application.  This will give us information about your family, living situation, ages of children, other pets, etc.  You can download the form at the end of this message, fill it out, and e-mail it to us.  (or mail it)  We will then set up an appointment for you to come out and visit some of the dogs.  When you're ready to adopt, we like everyone in the family to come out and help with the decision.  We will have choices of dogs that will fit well in your home situation.  We work very closely with the dogs and have an idea of their personality and disposition.  We will check your references and call your vet to assure your other pets are up to date on their vaccines and are well cared for.  We feel this shows us responsible pet ownership.
        We at Greyhound Rescue are pleased that you are considering letting a Greyhound into your lives. Greyhounds can make wonderful companions. it has been our experience that Greyhounds are very "greytful" for being given a second chance at life and you may very well end up with the best friend that you've ever had.
        We have worked in Greyhound rescue for many years and have seen many happy endings and unfortunately we have also seen a few sad ones.  So, although we may seem a bit over protective, we have only the best interest of the dog in mind.  Please know that Greyhounds can live to be 12 - 14 years old.  Adopting a Greyhound (or any dog) is a serious, long-term commitment.  Please take this into consideration before adopting a Greyhound.
All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, have had all necessary vaccines including kennel cough, have been heartworm tested, are on heartworm preventative, and have been de-wormed.  Then you will also receive a safety collar & leash.  
        We are always available to help answer any questions you may have about your new pet.  We have years of experience working with this breed and can be a valuable resource for you, working out any issues that may arise.  Please call us as soon as you have any questions.

Pre Adoption Application

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