Greyhounds Currently Waiting to Go Home

Greyhounds Waiting to Go Home:
Here are just a few of the Greyhounds currently waiting for adoption. If you would like more information about these Greyhounds or our other available dogs please contact us at 508-478-1617.
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Conrad Viv
Viv is a very spunky girl who is curious about everything.  She'd do well with an experienced GH owner and a fenced yard (at least 5 ft)  where she can run around and play.  No small animals for this girl
Bernie King
King is new to the kennel and seems like a sweety.  He's friendly, relatively calm and friendly.  He like the other dogs and going for walks.  We'll know more about him in a couple of weeks.
Tex Kimi
Kimi is a tad shy.....but coming around now that she's getting to know us and our routine.  She's very sweet and gentle;  happy now that she knows us and her routine.  She'd do best in a quiet household with another dog to make her feel comfortable.
Magic Trudy
Trudy is a puppy, just turned 1 years old.  She was never registered to race.........she has a birth defect on her left eye.  She doesn't know this......she can see, blink - vet says no problem.  she's very much like a puppy, needs someone that can work harness her energy and make her happy.  She'd love another young dog to play with and a family that's around to keep her entertained, and teach her some manners!

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