Greyhounds Currently Waiting to Go Home

Greyhounds Waiting to Go Home:
Here are just a few of the Greyhounds currently waiting for adoption. We have many others also!! If you would like more information about these Greyhounds or our other available dogs please contact us at 508-478-1617.
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Lady Lovey - adopted :-)
Lovey is a beautiful young girl (turns 2 in July) who is very skittsh.  She's getting used touse in the kennel and our routine.  She actually loves going out with the other Greyhounds, is quite playful outside.  She'll need a quiet household with a 5' fence, and another Greyhound or 2 to help her feel comfortable.  You can call the kennel and we can tell you more about her.

Magic - adopted!

Magic is such a happy dog.  He's a big, strong boy who needs to learn how to walk on a leash.  He has alot of energy.....he's do best with a fenced yard when he can blast around a bit.  He's such a happy boy, loves going out.  And probably no small children for this guy....or small animals.  

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