About Greyhound Rescue of N. E., Inc.

About Greyhound Rescue of New England, Inc.

Greyhound Rescue of N.E., Inc. is a small non-profit organization (tax exempt #04-3461361) that was incorporated in 1999. We are dedicated to finding homes for retired racing Greyhounds. We know through experience that retired racing Greyhounds are gentle, beautiful, loyal and intelligent creatures. They make wonderful pets and adapt well to home life when granted the chance. We created Greyhound Rescue of N.E., Inc. in one of the founder's homes in Mendon, Mass. We place dogs in Mass. and R.I. as well as all over New England.  If you'd like to know more about Greyhounds, or some of our dogs, call the kennel.  We see people by appointment.
If you are unable to adopt right now but would like to help, there are many ways you can do so. You can foster a dog for a short while (usually 2-4 weeks) until a space is freed up in the kennel. Sponsor a dog's spay or neuter. Help with a fund raiser, i.e. a bake sale, yard sale, bottle drive, etc. Round up donations of cleaning supplies, office supplies, etc.

Wish List items always needed include:  Pinesol, bleach, 13 gallon baggies, laundry detergent, dish detergent, office supplies, stamps.

Order on Amazon through  http://smile.amazon.com   and we receive .5% of your purchase for our work!

You can donation through the Donate button on our web page.  You can also make recurring monthly donation through PayPal which really benefits our cash flow as bills come in.

Consider including GRNE with a bequest in your will.

You can donate your old car to GRNE.  It's such a wonderful way to help and tax deductible.  Call the kennel for details.

And of course, monetary donations are always needed. Our budget for running the organization is tight. We are limited in our activity only by funding. The more funds we have, the more Greyhounds we can save and the more people we can reach with our message. If you would like to help or want more info about our organization please contact us at:

Greyhound Rescue of New England

P.O. Box 507 Mendon, MA 01756

Phone: (508) 478-1617

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