Greyhounds Currently Waiting to Go Home

Greyhounds Waiting to Go Home:
Here are just a few of the Greyhounds currently waiting for adoption. If you would like more information about these Greyhounds or our other available dogs please contact us at 508-478-1617.
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Conrad Kelso - adopted
Kelso is big, beautiful and playful.  He can dance around in the pen sometimes, not wanting to be caught and go back in the kennel.   He can be a tad shy with stangers.  He does follow the other dogs' lead......he'd do best with another dog to show him what to do.   He's a big sweety, once he knows you!
Bernie Sizzle
Sizzle is new to the kennel.......we'll know moreabout her personality in a couple of weeks.  She seems sweet, calm and happy.  
Tex Jaydee
Jaydee is also new to the kennel.  She's spunky, seems puppy-like (she's been chewing the  woos post beside her crate!)  She's happy and sweet........we'll know more about her in a couple of weeks.
Magic Dude
Dude is also new to the kennel.  He seems like a sweet guy, he's good with the other dogs and calm on his walks.  We'll know more in a couple of weeks

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