Greyhound Rescue of N. E.

Pre-Adoption Application

Name _________________________________ Phone# (_____)_________________________E-Mail______________


City_____________________________ State ____________ Zip________________________

How did you hear about our organization?___________________________________________


For whom are you adopting? Yourself______________Family___________Other___________

Is everyone in the household in agreement about adopting a Greyhound?___________________

Make-up of household: Adults_________Children____________Children's ages____________

Besides family members, are there others residing in your home?_________________________

What is the purpose for adopting? Family Pet __ Child pet __ Guard dog __Other ___

Does anyone have allergies?______________________________________________________

Who will be responsible for caring for the dog?_______________________________________

What made you choose a Greyhound?______________________________________________

Which would you prefer? Male________Female__________Why?_______________________

When would you be ready to take a dog?_______________(It's advisable to have at least three days off when you first bring a greyhound home to help with the transition.)

Type of home you live in? Single home __Two family __Condo __ Apt___Other_______

Do you own?_________________________Rent?____________________________________

Do you have permission from your landlord to have a dog?_____________________________

Type of environment you live in? City_________Suburban____________Country___________

Do you have a completely fenced yard?_____ What type?__________How tall?________

Please note: We do NOT encourage or endorse invisible fencing.

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Greyhound Rescue of N. E.

Pre-Adoption Application

Are you aware that Greyhounds must NEVER be tied on a run or chain?___________________

Are you aware that Greyhounds must ALWAYS be kept on a leash or in a completely fenced


Do you agree to keep your Greyhound on a leash or in a fenced area at all times?____________

Is someone home during the day?__________________________________________________

If not, how many hours will the dog be alone?________________________________________

Where will the dog spend its time while you are gone?_________________________________

Are you aware that Greyhounds are inside dogs?______________________________________

Are you willing to crate the dog if necessary during the transition?_______________________

It may take several weeks for a Greyhound to adjust to it's new home, are you willing and prepared to allow this much time?__________________________________________________

Are you willing to return your Greyhound to Greyhound Rescue if you are unable to keep it?


Will this be your first pet?_______________________________________________________

What pets do you currently own? Dogs____________Cats_____________Other____________

Are they spayed or neutered?__________If not, Why?_________________________________

Are they up to date on vaccines?_________Are they on heartworm medication?_____________

Have you had pets in the past?________________What happened to them?_________________

Who is your veterinarian? Name_____________________Phone________________________

Have you ever adopted from Greyhound Rescue of N.E. or any other rescue group or shelter? ____________________If so, which one?________________Phone_______________________

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Greyhound Rescue of N. E.

Pre-Adoption Application

Please list 2 references:

Name: _______________________________________

Address: ______________________________________

Phone: (___)__________________


Name: ________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________

Phone: (___)__________________

By signing this agreement, I certify that the information is correct and true. If the information in this application is found to be false, we retain the right to decline your adoption request.

A non-refundable, tax deducible donation of $950 for Irish Greyhounds, $650 for Podengos and other International dogs, and $450 for domestic dogs. (Increased fees are due to high transportation costs.)



Please email or mail application to :


P.O. Box 507

Mendon, MA 01756

Phone: (508) 478-1617


We will call you to set up an appointment.

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